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The environment is very important to us at the Mead Centre

Separating Waste

Our building is designed to be environmentally sustainable. Its eco-friendly design shows our commitment to preserving the environment and keeping our overheads to a minimum. 

The following are eco-friendly features of the Mead Centre  

  • Photovoltaic cells in the roof help generate the building's electricity. 

  • The underfloor heating is thermostatically controlled to regulate temperature 

  • Internal lights dim according to the amount of natural light entering the building. They also operate on movement sensors to switch on and off automatically so as to save electricity 

  •  All pathways are non-slip and gently sloped to allow anyone with mobility difficulties safe and easy access around the building. 

Waste Management:

  • The Mead Centre encourages recycling of all paper/cardboard/plastic and glass and provides the means for this to be done via specially designated bags, boxes and bins. 

Transport and Travel:

  • Where possible, staff and volunteers are encouraged to car share or use public transport when travelling to minimize harmful emissions. 

Materials and supplies:

  • Where possible, the Mead Centre purchases environmentally friendly and fairly-traded materials, supplies and consumables. 

Energy Saving:

  • Staff and volunteers are asked to ensure all electrical equipment is switched off after use. 

Staff involvement and contribution:

  • The Mead Centre adopts an inclusive approach to its environmental practice, inviting staff, user and volunteer suggestions, comments, and actions. 

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