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About Us


Initial ideas for a new Community Centre were fairly conventional. We wanted to create a space for local voluntary groups and organisations which was:

  • Multi-use

  • High quality and fully accessible

  • Energy efficient.

  • Warm and waterproof.


We also wanted to build a Sensory Room, which could be used by children and vulnerable adults with special needs.

Through conversations with potential users, that initial vision has expanded to focus on a clear commitment to support those who are often disregarded or discarded within society. 

There are already a number of organisations working within Newport Pagnell to provide activities and resources that focus on a range of groups within the community. The Brooklands Centre supports those who are retired, and our Youth Club supports our young people. At the Mead Centre, we don’t intend to duplicate these services. What we want to do is to fill in some of the gaps and to focus on those who are not currently supported. We want to work in partnership with others to create a safe, equitable and inclusive space that is welcoming to all.

If you have any ideas for community events, please get in touch with us. You might want to have a look at our Rooms and Facilities page to explore the rooms and facilities we offer.

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