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Our Vision

Our vision for the Mead Centre is that it should be in the centre of the town and at the heart of the community. It should be a place where everyone is welcomed and where we all feel safe. This is a place where positive relationships can be built, social injustice challenged and lives enhanced.

We remain committed to working for, and challenging, inequalities around:

  • reaching out to those experiencing loneliness and isolation,

  • creating opportunities for children and young people with complex needs and life limiting conditions,

  • providing safe space and support for young people struggling with the stresses in their lives including concerns about gender and sexuality and the use of self-harm,

  • creating a dementia hub to complement the town’s strategy for Newport Pagnell to be a dementia-friendly town,

  • supporting the needs of parents and foster carers,

  • providing space and resources for men concerned about their mental health,

  • supporting those wishing to start social enterprises and charities,

  • challenging food poverty, particularly amongst children,

  • addressing issues around food waste in partnership with local businesses.


As a community hub, we are developing all the time, and we’d love to hear from you if you have any ideas around how to build the community. You are welcome to come along to the Mead Centre to talk to us. Alternatively, you can email us at:

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