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Sensory Room


The Sensory Room is within the new Mead Centre Community Building.

A sensory room has many benefits especially for children and adults who have learning difficulties and people with dementia. This carefully designed environment is the perfect place for individuals to de-stress, particularly those who have difficulty with verbal and non-verbal communication. This could be those who have mental health issues like autism, and people who are coping with brain injuries. Alongside some of the groups listed, the Sensory Room is available for hire by anyone who thinks the environment will benefit them.

Our blacked out Sensory room offers a space that is stimulating, while providing a safe and controlled environment through which stressed and withdrawn individuals can interact with their surroundings.


  • A calm atmosphere which can be beneficial for individuals who are hypersensitive to their surroundings, encouraging relaxation.

  • Wheel set with wall projector.

  • Fibre optic tail lights

  • Sensory bubble tube lamp with colour-controlled buttons- stimulating visual development and communication skills.

  • Sensory liquid floor tiles Which encourages the individual to interact with the change of images in response to movements.

  • Soft pads on one side of the room which can activate sounds.

  • A collection of interactive items - sensory toys, weight blanket, fidget toys and more. All these items will encourage tactile interaction and stimulation. They are stored in neat and accessible storage boxes in the attached room.  

  • A big soft chair to sit in. This is a  lightly rocking therapy chair. 

  • A soft padded corner bench allows the person to sit and engage with the environment. Iff necessary, the carer can be close to the person to provide security. 

  • A soft mat for anyone who needs to be on the floor (can be removed if needed).

  • A tactile and musical wall panel.

  • An electric hoist which goes around the room (guests will need to bring their own sling).

  • A baby/young child’s changing mat (stored in the ’Sensory store room’).

  • There is a purpose-built changing room upstairs (accessible by a lift) with a full-size changing bed and shower facility.

  • There are opportunities for families to build social networks with others, and to build strong relationships.

  • The Sensory Room is suitable for up to 4 adults and 4 babies/children with adults

  • The Sensory Room is cleaned after each session and antibacterial sprays are available.

Contact Us

Please contact the Mead Centre on 01908 739716 for further information, or email, if you would like to use the Sensory Room

We are happy to show you the Sensory Room prior to booking it.

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